How Our Family Saves BIG MONEY on Vision Insurance

With bills piling up left and right, sometimes going to the eye doctor feels like an expense you simply can’t afford.

And when it comes to prescription glasses, keeping my family’s vision numbers together can feel like a second job! I know I can’t keep track of my own prescription…let alone my two teenagers AND my husband’s!

I don’t like to admit it, but as I get older, my vision numbers are constantly getting worse. My kids are so active and busy that they need multiple appointments to even get an accurate baseline…it’s a nightmare.

I was sick of the hassle but I didn’t think I had any other choices…until I learned about this cool device that uses patented MIT tech that promised that we’d be able to take eye exams for the entire family from the comfort of our own home… AND save time doing it.

It sounded too good to be true, but it’s not.

It’s called EyeQue and here are three reasons I know you’ll fall in love with this game-changing technology (even if you’re not great at computers, like me!).

Reason #1: It Will Save You Time

If you’re lucky, you only visit the optometrist once a year, but even getting rid of that appointment can be HUGE.

As a family, making our annual trek to the optometrist turned into several hours of coordinating, commuting, and waiting rooms!

I don’t even want to THINK about all the time off I had to take…let alone all the school my kids missed!

We definitely don’t have to worry about that anymore.

And it’s all thanks to the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker.

Now we don’t need to visit the optometrist to update our vision numbers or order new prescription eyeglasses online!

No more phone tag with the receptionist, driving to and from the office, or waiting an hour (or more) to get the results.

And did I mention my new “exam room” is much more comfortable!

Reason #2: It Pays For Itself (And Keeps Saving You Money)

For my family, the cost savings of eliminating multiple trips to the eye doctor is what initially convinced me to order an EyeQue at-home vision test.

The EyeQue costs just $64.99 – way less than the standard $100+ co-pay I pay at the optometrist every time I need to update my prescription glasses.

If you’re doing the math at home, that means the very first time you use EyeQue you’re saving over $30. That’s a $30+ savings every time one person in your house uses it.

For every member of your family that gets to skip that appointment year after year, the savings will only keep piling up! Luckily all of us have vision insurance, but if we didn’t we’d be paying upwards of $800/year for all of us.

Before EyeQue, a family of four could easily be spending thousands of dollars a year between the cost of prescription glasses and visits to the optometrist. These days, saving money where you can is more important than ever.

Reason #3: You Can Trust Your Results (Saving You Money)

And you know what? These at-home results I got from EyeQue are actually better than the previous glasses I got from my last optometrist visit.

I did a lot of research to find out why the EyeGlass Numbers (EGN) I got from EyeQue were so much better.

That’s when I discovered something REALLY INTERESTING. I found that more than 50,000 users like you and me have already taken their own tests and about 90% of them agree that the glasses they get using EyeQue are as good or BETTER than their previous eyeglasses.

And it turns out there’s actually a scientific reason for this

Here are my EyeGlass Numbers I used to order my glasses online

The good news is you won’t have to divorce your optometrist to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of EyeQue! I definitely still visit mine to keep tabs on my family’s eye health.

However, because I have my Eye Glass Numbers… and they’re not being heavily guarded by my optometrist under lock and key… I’m no longer forced to buy their highly marked up retail glasses. I can now order any type of glasses from any online retailer I want – giving me even more savings.

Online glasses retailers like Zenni & EyeBuyDirect (my favorites!!) trust EyeQue’s at-home test results so much they’ll let you skip the in-office exam & optometrist verification! 

Why EyeQue Is Better Than Your Optometrist

I learned that when you take an exam with your optometrist, they’re only testing your vision during one moment in time. Meaning you pay a bunch of money to see an optometrist and you only get your eyes tested once… In reality, the results from a single test aren’t perfect. They might not be completely wrong… but they won’t be completely right, either.

There’s a lot that can mess with the results of an in-office eye exam with your optometrist.

You might have had too much caffeine in the morning (which can blur your vision), you might be nervous about the test, or your doctor might even be in a rush.

And those can all impact the results of your exam!

That’s why the trick to getting your perfect prescription glasses is to take more than one eye exam and find the average – EyeQue allows you to take multiple eye exams in minutes without paying a doctor’s office.

Your optometrist may only test you once. Think about it, their goal as a business is to see as many people as possible in a single day to maximize their revenue. This limits the number of eye exams they can give you in a single visit. This could put you at risk of wearing glasses that are okay… but far from perfect.

You could go into the office for multiple exams, but in-office appointments are already expensive and stressful enough for your family – imagine having to visit the optometrist 3x more often!

When using EyeQue, the more tests you take – the more accurate your EyeGlass Numbers will be. EyeQue’s intelligence algorithm is so good, MIT actually holds the patent for it.

What is EyeQue?

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker uses MIT-patented technology to turn your smartphone into a personalized, fully functional vision test that takes about 3 minutes to complete.

To start the test, you simply attach EyeQue to your phone and follow the on-screen instructions.

The test is so quick and easy, it feels more like a game than a test making it perfect for kids.

Simply adjust two lines (one red, one green) using buttons on your phone until they blend into a single yellow line. The best part is… it’s so easy to use, you can’t possibly mess it up!

The test gives you all of the essential eye measurements you’ll need to order your glasses online – including Sphere, Cylinder and Axis readings.


UPDATE: The EyeQue Discount Sale Is Back – Here’s Where You Can Get A Great Deal On Them

Good news – the EyeQue discount sale is back! I can’t guarantee it will be available for long, but I’ll update this section if it stops… so if you’re reading this, you’re probably in luck.

Click HERE to order your EyeQue for the lowest price.

The Bottom Line

There’s no price too high to keep your family safe and healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should have to overpay for vision eye exams!

With EyeQue, you’ll have MIT-patented technology in the palm of your hand to quickly and effectively take your own vision test from the comfort of your home.

No more family trips to the optometrist or expensive co-pays just to make sure you’re getting the best prescription glasses. It’s been a game-changer for me and I know it will be for you too.

Like thousands of other users, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about within minutes of taking your first EyeQue exam…and if you don’t right then, you definitely will when you see how easy it is to start ordering glasses online!

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